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Arbour Report.  Alumni are encouraged to read the Arbour Report; particularly the sections relating to recommendations 28 and 29.

On June 30, 2022, the Alumni Association promulgated a public statement in response to the Arbour Report.  Updates on the Alumni Association activities relating to the Arbour Report were promulgated in August, December, February,  May, and September.

On December 13, 2022, the Minister of National Defence reported to Parliament on the progress of cultural change in the Canadian Armed Forces in response to the Arbour Report.


Creation of Atlantic Branch social groups.  The Branch has stood up the “Citadel Group” (alumni within a two-hour drive of the Halifax Citadel) and “RMC66Atlantic” (all members of the Class of 1966 living in the Atlantic Provinces).

Alumni wishing to set up similar groups are requested to contact the Branch Treasurer

Arbour Report – Atlantic Branch Coordination.  Two issues of significant concern arise from this report:

a.  the near-term formal review of the need for the Colleges, with the Alumni Association leading the response.  Branch input will be sought in developing the Association input to this review; and

b. the longer-term requirement for sustained cultural evolution at the Colleges.

Atlantic alumni wishing to engage on these issues may contact 10162 Brian Palmer


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