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Interested in an all-expenses-paid university education?

Looking for a great career in the Canadian Armed Forces?

Then attend one of Canada’s Royal Military Colleges.

Royal Military College Kingston, Ontario

Collège militaire royal Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Québec


You will receive a truly excellent education…plus leadership, physical fitness, and bilingual skills that are integral parts of the program.

The Colleges have superb educational and sports facilities, small class sizes, and four-year undergraduate degree programs in Social Sciences and Humanities, Engineering, and Sciences.

See the Colleges brochure.

The Atlantic Branch Will Help

As an alumni association, the Atlantic Branch is dedicated to the success of Cadets at the Colleges and will provide information and assistance to anyone from the Atlantic Provinces wishing to apply.  We can put candidates in touch with alumni who have College degree and career backgrounds matching the interests of the candidates.  Our alumni can provide personal experiences to help candidates prepare for and succeed in all aspects of life at the Colleges.

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Since 1876 the Royal Military College of Canada has enabled young Canadians to become strong leaders for the Canadian Armed Forces and for Canada by providing a great university education while enhancing their physical fitness, bilingualism and leadership skills.

The Royal Military College is situated midway between Toronto and Montreal at the eastern end of Lake Ontario.  The College campus, rich in history, heritage and tradition, is located on Point Frederick, a peninsula just east of downtown Kingston.

Royal Military College internet site

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Colleges academic programs


Life as a cadet at the Colleges

Canada’s newest military college, it prepares young Canadians to become strong leaders for the Canadian Armed Forces and for Canada by providing a great university education while enhancing physical fitness, bilingualism and leadership skills.  Programs include:

  • Preparatory year – equivalent to grade 12 in most provinces and the first year of college level studies in Québec
  • Common First Year for cadets who will complete their studies at the Royal Military College in Kingston, Ontario
  • Four-year Bachelor Degree Program in International Studies

Bilingualism is a key element of the Collège militaire royal.

The campus of the Collège militaire royal is situated 45 kilometres south-east of Montréal on the Richelieu River in Saint-Jean-Sur-Richelieu .

Collège militaire royal internet site

Collège militaire royal Facebook page

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Academic programs


Student Life

Apply to the Colleges

 Application to attend the Colleges is made online through the Canadian Armed Forces – Apply Now.

For help in completing this online application, see the Branch guide Applying to the Colleges.

If you encounter unfamiliar terms or acronyms, see Acronyms, Abbreviations & Terms.

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